The TUB Method of Email Lead Generation and Cold Sales Email Templates

The TUB Method and Cold Email Templates

Today, we’re talking about TUB emails, my favorite type of strategy for using cold sales email templates. I have to give credit to Ed Martin of Factor 8 for this idea. TUB is an acronym that stands for “Them, Us, Both” and it’s a great way to approach cold email prospecting, especially when you’re trying to relate or connect with a prospect.

Cold Email Prospecting

Cold email prospecting presents a unique set of challenges when compared to cold calling. Emails are a lot less personable than phone calls and it’s a lot easier to move an email to the trash folder without even reading it than it is to tell someone on the phone you’re not interested without them at least giving you part of their pitch. So, you have to do some research and use that to connect with prospects on a personal level. This is what the TUB method is all about.

Let's dive into how the TUB method actually works. We've talked about three by three research, which involves finding three facts about a company or point of contact within three minutes of research. That's the “them.” Come to the conversation with some baseline information on your prospect and you’ll find it’s way easier to talk to them. You’ll be able to hold their attention for longer as well, since you’ll be able to talk about them. Remember, most people prefer to discuss topics related to themselves and their business.

The “us” is finding something to talk about regarding a topic or a trend that's relevant to their industry, rather than saying something about your products or services. By talking about something within their industry, not only are you establishing value through your knowledge of what they do, but you’re also increasing the likelihood of them wanting to

genuinely engage with you. It’s a way to keep their attention while demonstrating that you’re worth their time.

Now that you’ve established value it’s time for the “us” which is your offer or the call-to-action. Remember, the call-to-action should be last! We want to engage and establish value before presenting our offer. At this point, you’ve demonstrated you have knowledge of their company and industry, so they’ll be way more likely to listen to what you have to offer.

That’s the TUB method of cold email prospecting and email lead generation. It’s really simple and easy to remember. The more people I share this with, the more I hear people coming back and saying, "I tried getting this prospect to respond over and over again, nothing ever worked, and finally this worked." While emailing may be the less personable method of prospecting and appointment setting, it’s still possible to humanize your emails and establish a real connection through email. The TUB method is how you add personalization to those B2B cold email templates.

Cold Sales Email Templates that Work in the Real World

Even with the TUB method of cold email prospecting, it’s helpful to have examples of it being executed. Luckily, we’ve created cold sales email templates containing both outreach and objection handling scenarios. These are proven, successful approaches and they highlight the best of the best cold sales email templates we’ve seen.

The main takeaways from these cold sales email templates are how to add a personalized touch to emails and how to handle objections. You’ll get real examples of the TUB method being used in cold emails to establish value and generate genuine interest in your email prospects. Plus, everyone hates objections, so we'll show you how to handle them and still potentially facilitate relationships with potential prospects.

I constantly get positive feedback from those that have used these cold prospecting email templates, so download this guide today and improve your cold email prospecting efforts immediately!

If you’re interested in building out a more detailed email lead generation strategy, contact us today and learn about how Vorsight can help you get more leads through email marketing!

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