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I’ve seen many organizations boil sales coaching down to perfecting your pitch and learning how to sell after a rejection. You’re taught boilerplate language and how to keep a conversation going when the prospect becomes disinterested. That’s usually it.

These sales call coaching tips are simplified so they can be easily taught to large groups of SDRs and used within an organization’s sales system. Sometimes keeping it simple works, but at other times, you could be missing out on so many opportunities.

At Vorsight, we approach sales coaching differently. Our sales coaching system is an exact science and we put a lot of effort into providing SDRs with sales coaching tips based on sales call recording analysis. We review all your sales calls (inbound, outbound, scheduled, unscheduled) and score them based on what makes the perfect call for your business and provide the SDR with actionable feedback on how to improve.

A lot goes into our sales call analysis, luckily, we’ve boiled it down into a sales coaching guide, available for you to download today for free. Here is everything this sales coaching guide will cover:

What Our Sales Coaching Guide Covers

How We Score Calls For Sales Coaching

We have sales coaching down to a science. In this sales coaching guide, you’ll learn all about our sales coaching process. By creating custom scorecards, we ensure that each sales rep has an individualized sales coaching experience and evaluation.

These scorecards contain all types of performance data that help sales reps understand where they need to improve. They’re able to self-evaluate and identify areas of opportunity for improvement going forward. With these scorecards, you’re able to keep track of the sales rep’s progress and evaluate how well they are responding to feedback.

Why Do We Score Calls?

Call recording analysis is the foundation of our sales coaching system and this sales coaching guide will outline the “why” behind our strategy. Consistent call reviews ensure that sales reps are making strides toward perfecting their conversation skills, which will ultimately improve sales performance.

Our sales coaching system works because we provide unbiased feedback to sales reps using our third-party scoring process. In this sales coaching guide, we explain how our call recording is executed using conversational intelligence software.

What does our sales coaching system ultimately do for you? It provides a higher win rate. You’ll notice the improved call scores and sales skills first. Then, you’ll start to see more deals being won at a faster rate. Our sales coaching system has proven to be effective for all types of companies, especially if you have old call recordings sitting around, we can analyze the recordings and give actionable feedback to your team.

Download Our Sales Coaching Guide

Sales coaching tips are not supposed to be a “one size fits all” strategy. They should be personalized for your sales reps and their skill levels. The best way to personalize your sales coaching system is by analyzing the calls they’re making and logging their progress over time. Download our sales coaching guide today to learn just how we execute this strategy. If you’re ready to start talking about how we can transform your sales coaching system, contact us today and we can talk about a plan that works for your sales team!

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