The Science of Lead Prospecting : All You Need to Know On How to Prospect Leads

Are you looking to get the most ROI from your lead prospecting efforts? Through extensive experience, research and internal data, we have crafted a lead prospecting system that is proven to find and nurture the ideal leads for your business. Download our guide to perfect your lead prospecting process and make your sales funnel more efficient.

I bet your sales team has a precise system on how to close deals, right? You have those sales conversations down to a science that combines historical data of what has worked with your internal strategy and sales script. Through research and experience, you know what works best when it comes to closing a deal. So, why don’t you have the same system when it comes to lead prospecting?

Lead prospecting is the pre-sales process of finding qualified leads and it is where most sales strategies fall short. Salespeople, by nature, like a good challenge, which is why sales prospecting can often get overlooked. They think “I have a proven track record with using this strategy during sales conversations, I should be able to sell to anyone.” Why make it more difficult? Streamlining your lead prospecting process will result in more closed deals.

The Importance of Lead Prospecting

Lead prospecting helps you work smarter, by perfecting the pre-sale process. Think of lead prospecting as not only getting you in the door, but finding the right doors for your business to get into. Perfecting your lead prospecting strategy will help your business:

  • Better identify your ideal-customer-profile (ICP) and what an ideal lead looks like

  • Know your buyer personas & what matters to them

  • Craft different appointment setting and sales strategies based on the type of leads you’re looking for and currently have

  • Streamline your sales funnel by cutting out unnecessary steps and work

  • Develop talking points for different executive types and verticals based on use cases

  • Perfect pre-call research and learn how to leverage it

  • Improve your SDR’s questioning skills

Effective lead prospecting results in a better sales funnel. We surveyed 272 of the top sales leaders across various industries and found that 95% considered lead prospecting to be important to their organization and 47% found lead prospecting to be critical to their organization. Lead prospecting can improve your sales process throughout your organization and our guide will show you how.

Using Data to Fuel Lead Prospecting Efforts​

Lead prospecting is a numbers game and using our lead prospecting technology, we have the data on what it takes to be successful. Your phone call averages and who you’re calling both have a major impact on your sales success rate, both of which can be positively impacted through lead prospecting.

Successful lead prospecting strategies require knowing the most effective ways to reach and connect with people. Did you know that when dialing a list of direct lines, it takes 5 minutes to connect with 1 prospect vs. 24 minutes when dialing through switchboards? Calling direct lines eliminates time wasted dealing with switchboards and assistants. This increases the probability of live conversations with decision makers.

Direct lines are a common theme amongst successful sales prospecting strategies. There is a direct correlation between the percentage of direct lines amongst your contact list and the number of appointments you’ll be able to schedule, which we cover in our guide.

Direct Conversations in Lead Prospecting

Finally, the importance of direct conversation cannot be overstated. In a world of marketing automation and email strategies, we are able to differentiate our lead prospecting process from our competition through live conversations. Most sales prospecting companies will help you craft a strategy around automated prospect lists and emails, all of which has its place, but when it comes to sales and prospecting, the most powerful tool is still direct contact.

We schedule 5 times more appointments through live, direct conversations than through email, proving that human-to-human relationships still rule this business.

Learn More About How to Prospect Leads​

Do you want to learn more about successful lead prospecting strategies? Our guide will show you how to prospect leads effectively through data points that show:

  • Days of the week with the most appointments scheduled

  • Times of the day with the most appointments scheduled

  • The most successful strategies for scheduled appointments

  • The best ways to successfully craft follow-up emails

Download our Guide on the Science of Prospecting Leads and learn how data can help improve your sales funnel. If you’re ready for help on your lead prospecting strategy, contact us today to learn how we can help with lead prospecting training and more!

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