4 Techniques to Crush a Mock Sales Call in a Job Interview

The dreaded "Mock Sales Call" — unless you're about to go on your first sales or marketing interview, you've probably braved at least one of these. Whether a prospective employer is asking you to sell yourself, their services, or even something as simple as a pen, the experience can be nerve-wracking to say the least.

The idea is to be ready for anything a mock sales interview can throw at you. The most progressive firms use this tactic to learn a little bit more about what they might be buying – you. The good news for you is that you are hear and we are going to help you prepare.

The following techniques will ensure you ace the mock sales call interview and help you score your next big employment opportunity.

  1. Do Your Research in Advance – Whether the Mock Sales Call takes place during your phone screen or the in-person interview, be ready. Research your prospective employer's website. Learn not only what they do and who their customers are, but why they're in business. Why your prospective employer got into business is often a more compelling introduction to a buyer than products and services, especially in an initial conversation (or mock sales interview!). As you will hear throughout this, any time you can show that you have done prior research in an interview is fantastic!

  2. Who Am I Selling To? - Want to impress the heck out of your interviewer? Wait for them to spring the "Mock Sales Call" challenge on you, and ask them the following: "Before we get started, can you tell me a little bit about the buyer?" If you know something about the buyer, you'll be better positioned to ask them questions, determine their needs, and ultimately make a case for what you're selling. In any mock sales call interview we have done (trust me... we have done a ton) the most successful candidates immediately ask for a background on their buyer.

  3. Don't Sell—Ask Questions – Too often, an interviewee bombs the Mock Sales Call by going straight into their "elevator pitch." If you already went to the trouble of finding out who you're selling to, why not find out their needs? What is unique about the buyer's situation or challenges that would make what you're selling a good fit for them? People tend to be more open to a conversation when it's about them and their challenges.

  4. Plan for a Second Attempt – Time permitting, the most experienced interviewers will ask you to do the mock sales call twice. Why? They want to see whether you can take their tips to heart and incorporate them into the next call. They want to see if you're coachable. After your first Mock Sales Call, ask for feedback and take notes. If they don't ask you to try it again, ask them if you can. Show them you're resilient AND coachable. This is a critical way to also differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Don't worry if your first mock sales pitch or call does not come together exactly as you planned it. It takes years of planning to really nail a mock sales call interview.

A final key mock call interview tip that is frequently overlooked, is to be yourself! As we said before this company is interested in buying the most valuable resource... you! Let that shine through. It's really something we regularly see people miss. This is a human interaction and people like talking about themselves & to other people. So don't hide yourself. Don't be stiff, relax, be confident & show off your personality.

Vorsight's Business Development Associates become experts at asking questions that unlock a buyer's needs and interests, but this mastery takes time and training. With a little preparation, you'll demonstrate what all employers appreciate—that you've done your homework and that you're committed to learn.

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