From Scoring Points to Scoring Meetings- Why Athletes Should Consider Sales

Sales may not give you blisters or floor burns but it will push you through the same kinds of mental barriers that you fought through during those last 30 seconds of your championship game. As much as we often refuse to admit it, we live for the hours of discomfort that result in often just minutes of triumph. There are plenty of articles out there explaining why sales teams should hire athletes but why should you, the athlete, actually want to get into sales?

Here are six reasons:

1. You expect people to have the same level of grit as you

To be perfectly blunt, SDRs at Vorsight simply cannot afford to be lazy; you have to have grit. You already know you can work hard and at Vorsight you can count on your teammates to do the same. As an SDR, you have to get creative breaking through dozens of barriers daily to get to where you need to be. Prospects will tell you “no” multiple times, or worse they won’t even pick up the phone. SDRs at Vorsight know how to maintain resolve and dedication day after day despite the obstacles.

2. You love a good competition.

Competition energizes you. At Vorisght, nearly everything we do is gamified. Who can get the most meetings, conversations, highest activity score, best call of the month, and even most points at ping pong? There are always opportunities to prove yourself. If you want to win then Vorsight is the place for you.

3. You want a team of people behind your success.

This is not including your fellow SDRs because they deserve a separate paragraph. The team I’m talking about now includes your coaches, trainers, stat keepers, and tutors. These people are as invested in your success as you are and work tirelessly to help you get there. Vorsight has adopted a similar model.

We have a team of SDRs and non-SDRs who are there to support you and get you past anything impeding your success. Where you’ve used game tape, we use ExecVision to listen to and break down our calls to pinpoint what does or does not work for you. If there is anything in your way that is making your job more difficult, there is a team of people who are eager to help remove that barrier and clear your path to success.

4. You are nothing without your teammates.

No one understands you better than your teammates because nothing bonds a team like striving for a common goal. Your fellow SDRs are your teammates. Of course, there is a component of competition among your teammates but you know that the better they are, the better you are. SDRs are constantly learning from each other; we meet several times a week to discuss strategies for what is and isn’t working and outside of work we have happy hours and other team activities almost every week.

5. You know that the path to success is paved with tedium but you trust the process.

Sure you love your sport but there are also (probably many) days that you question why you’re up at 5 am every day to practice when you could swear you’re only getting worse. But you remind yourself to trust the process. At Vorsight, we know what makes SDR succeed and sometimes it feels awkward and wrong but if you trust the process you will see results. You may not want to admit it but, if you’re anything like me, you secretly love the tedium. You love making a hundred pitches or hitting a hundred balls a day because you know, come game time, you will have perfected your skills.

6.You are passionate.

You love what you do and you can’t imagine a life where you didn’t push yourself every day to be your best. Sales won’t replace the exact feelings you get from playing your sport but it can come pretty close. If you want to wake up every day inspired by your teammates and your environment to push yourself to succeed then Vorsight is the place for you.

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