Summer Intern Series: Lauren Meinhart

Lauren spent her summer interning with Vorsight as a Customer Success Intern. She's returning to UVA where she studies studio art and computer science.

What have you been up to this summer at Vorsight/ExecVision?

This summer I worked on the client success team, updating Vorsight's website and designing case studies and informational 1-pagers. I was also a point of contact for current clients that we were reaching out to for testimonials which was exciting to be emailing and talking to VPs and co-founders as an intern.

What has been one of the most memorable things about your summer internship?

One of the cool things about being an intern at a smaller company like Vorsight is that I was given a lot of autonomy to work on the projects that I found interesting and often design decisions were left up to me. Unless it was a big change I would publish the website as I worked on it, so my own work would be on the internet right away!

What skills have you developed through your internship and how do you think they will help you with school or your career?

I've learned so much through working at Vorsight and I think that is mainly because everyone was so open to answering my questions. My boss Jennifer taught me about the business terms I didn't understand, Bill explained the difference between Vorsight's payment methods, and the BDAs answered my questions about clients and Vorsight's practices. Vorsight was the kind of office where I could feel comfortable walking up to anyone's desk and talking to them. On top of that, I also got to attend training for the BDAs which taught me general business knowledge and gave me the insight to create better 1-pagers for potential clients.

What have you enjoyed the most about your internship?

I think what really made my experience so great was the people. BDAs at Vorsight are on the phone with (possibly grumpy) people all day and still manage to be funny and kind whenever I interacted with them. Jennifer was truly an amazing boss who would compliment and appreciate my work and cared about my life beyond the office as well. Snow and Amaria are a dynamic HR duo who I knew were always there if I had any problems or just wanted people to sit with at lunch.

I could name so many more people, which just goes to show what a great community Vorsight has fostered.

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