Summer Intern Series: Courtney Farmer

Courtney spent her summer interning at Vorsight and ExecVision for the second time. She’s returning to James Madison University this fall, where she studies Marketing.

What have you been up to this summer at Vorsight/ExecVision?

This summer I interned with ExecVision’s sales team. Primarily, I worked on prospecting accounts for the sales team to target, working specifically with SDR’s Ben and Alex and Sales VP Ted. This required me to utilize LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and Salesforce to prospect effectively and organize my work. I also worked on some HR initiatives for Vorsight and ExecVision, including recruiting.

What has been one of the most memorable things about your summer internship?

Vorsight/ExecVision definitely has fun company culture. I loved Vorsight’s “Jeapordy lunches” (even though I am more of a Family Feud gal myself). The entire company went to a Nationals game this summer and it was so fun to see everyone outside of work!

What skills have you developed through your internship and how do you think they will help you with school or your career?

It is crazy how much you can grow and develop in one summer! I feel like I am so much more confident with my abilities to perform not only this job, but many other jobs—especially within the realm of sales. When I first began interning with ExecVision last summer, it was, at times, difficult to understand the nuanced world of sales. After immersing myself in it for two summers, I leave with a thorough understanding of B2B sales—I’ve even gone through the sales training that new BDA’s get! As a marketing major at James Madison University, I look forward to bringing my knowledge of sales into the classroom for my senior year.

What have you enjoyed the most about your internship?

It was so rewarding to see Alex and Ben, ExecVision’s two SDRs, get meetings with people I’d prospected. It felt great to see my influence on ExecVision’s growth in that way, especially because it is a small startup, so every meeting counts—that meeting might convert to a new ExecVision client in the future.

Ben, Alex, and my boss Ted were so accessible and helpful throughout my time at ExecVision—something I am so grateful for. Through their mentorship, I felt that I learned a about both B2B sales, but also specifically tech sales.

I am going to miss to my intern quad and my new F.U.N. quad- thanks for a blast and a half this summer! I am so grateful to have had two summers at ExecVision/Vorsight—through this experience, I’ve learned so much more than can be taught in a classroom. I have been able to gain real-world experience that will give me an edge as I look toward applying for my first jobs after this year.

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