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Outbound B2B Sales Prospecting Metrics

Sales VPs always ask me, “What are the B2B sales prospecting metrics you track at your outsourced appointment setting firm, Vorsight? What are your SDRs expected to do when it comes to tracking B2B sales prospecting metrics? The answer is relatively simple & let's not make talking about outbound sales & outbound prospecting metrics overly complex.

Outbound Prospecting Strategy

My outbound prospecting strategy is organized into the ROA framework from the book Cracking the Sales Management Code.

  • Results

  • Objectives

  • Activities

Rather than giving you the averages on outbound sales & B2B sales prospecting metrics, I’m giving you the numbers from the top 5% of our SDR team. You are better than average and your prospecting KPIs should be as well.

B2B Sales Prospecting Activities​

These are the B2B sales prospecting activities which are controllable metric inputs:

  • These are the B2B sales prospecting activities which are controllable metric inputs:

  • At least 95.4% of contacts you add to your pursuit list should have pre-call research.

  • At least 81.6% of contacts you add to your list should have direct dial phone numbers.

  • You need to add an average of 57.0 new contacts to your list per Week / 11.4 per Day

  • You need to average 603.9 Dials per Week / 120.8 Dials per Day.

The Objective of all these sales prospecting activities is conversations with prospects.

  • 21.4 Conversations per Week with Director, VP, and C-level executives / 4.3 Conversations per Day

(Side note: we don’t measure email conversations, but if we did we’d only count an email as a conversation if there are two round trips – you email prospect who replies, you reply, prospect replies again. This is a handy method from my friend Katie Azuma.)

Outbound B2B Sales Prospecting Metrics That Lead to Success

The above B2B sales prospecting activities, week in and week out across a year (not just for a three week stint), will yield something similar to the following outbound prospecting results:

  • 6.7 Completed Meetings per Week / 1.3 Meetings per Day

I highly suggest writing down these weekly controllable B2B sales prospecting input metrics, use them to establish your own outbound sales prospecting goals, and measure your B2B lead prospecting performance against those goals.

Remember though, B2B lead prospecting is not about the 700 dials you made this week, the 35 conversations you had last week, or the day 3 weeks ago where you made 300 dials.

Instead, I can guarantee (based off of 3+ years of our data), that consistently averaging the B2B sales prospecting inputs noted above over the course of 1 year, will put you in the top 5% of SDR performers, unless every single one of you does this. Ha!

The B2B Sales Prospecting Job​

I know a lot of you are probably looking at these outbound sales prospecting metrics and saying, “That is not possible.” The fascinating thing is these top performing outbound B2B sales prospecting SDRs tell me that they can do this in about 25 hours per week.

The BDA / SDR B2B sales prospecting job is one of sprinting and taking a break. The ones who learn how to put their heads down and crank out intelligent activity end up becoming like the Navy SEALs who love what they do. It seems strange to love cold calling, but I know a LOT of people who do.

It’s pretty awesome to achieve what most others fear and think is impossible. If you would like to inspire your team contact Vorsight here to see learn all about our outbound B2B sales prospecting tools and best practices.

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