The Power of Belief

Steve Richard, Vorsight’s Co-Founder and one of my sales mentors who inspires me to be a great sales professional, asked me why I have been successful at Vorsight. After much reflection – I credit my consistency to one word: BELIEVE.

The world of business development presents challenges everyday – from lack of pickups, to tough prospects, to hearing no – we as business development reps need to be resilient through the ups and downs, which is why believing in the company, the product, and yourself is the most powerful approach.

Believe in your company. Believe that the sales methodology and training they teach you will work. When you’re confident in your process, you know what inputs will produce the outputs you desire. You might not convert every conversation into a meeting, but remember that business development is a numbers game.

Believe in the product or service that you are selling. Believe that it will help the executive you are talking to, and that it will improve their job, their company’s goals and the bottom line.

And most importantly - believe in yourself. At Vorsight, one of our core values is ‘Success is a Mindset.’ When you believe in yourself, the confidence of your voice and tone will be heard by the executive you are talking to and on a cold call, the executive is buying your ability to provide value for a next step. Be confident that you can schedule that meeting and many more.

Believe in the company, believe in the product, and believe in yourself. I credit my success to this. What do you credit your success to?

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