Why Talking To Your Sales Rep Will Improve Your Appointment Setting Sales Calls

Appointment Setting For Sales Reps

As an SDR, our role in widening the sales funnel and reaching out as effectively and efficiently as possible shouldn’t come at the expense of appointment setting sales call quality. One of the biggest questions in the SDR world is: How do we improve the volume of appointments set while also maintaining a standard of meeting quality?

Improving the Quality of Your Appointment Setting Sales Calls

This is why we’re encouraged every week to develop a working connection with the sales representatives that we work with. It turns out that collaboration with your sales rep exponentially improves both the quantity and quality of meetings for a number of reasons.

Tap into your rep’s network for appointment setting sales calls

It takes a lot to make a career out of sales and on several occasions, some of my sales reps previously worked at organizations that I’m currently prospecting. With one of my reps in particular, we went over her career history, and how she came to be where she is today and we immediately noticed that she had actually held a position at three accounts that I was prospecting. For one organization, she gave me incredible insight on key players that would make appointment setting easy and lead to excellent meetings on multiple channels of the company, effectively shortening the sales cycle of that particular deal.

Your rep (probably) knows more than you do when it comes to B2B appointment setting

Two heads think better than one would be the obvious train of thought here, specifically when it comes to B2B appointment setting for sales reps. When a rep has made a career at an organization focused on a product for long enough, she/he has amassed enough knowledge to be a valuable resource. For example, the priorities of a Vice President of Innovation during early spring time, when a lot of organizations tend to be rolling out strategic initiatives, are focused around driving integration of those strategic initiatives. Leveraging the knowledge of a rep that works closely with VPs of Innovation gives me valuable insight before a call with said VP. On another note, there is also a good chance that the rep has already researched many of the organizations that they put on my plate for prospecting. Definitely doesn’t hurt to ask.

Set your rep up for success in their appointment setting sales calls

It’s my job as an SDR to bridge the gap between my sales rep and the executive I’ve reached out to, without closing the deal on the first call. That’s the job when it comes to appointment setting for sales reps. Understanding where I end and they begin provides for a seamless transition and an overall cohesive process. I want to create value to not only that meeting, but the client’s organization as a whole. Understanding what will be discussed during the appointment setting sales call is an incredibly powerful tool when gauging the success of that meeting. I believe the best way to do this is to sit in on a presentation and study it for later. Beyond that, understanding what will be discussed during the appointment setting sales call will not only prevent you from using a key phrase that could discredit the rep’s presentation, but it will also give reliable and relevant information that can easily be incorporated into their demo.This gives the sales rep a familiar quality that speaks to the prospect’s day to day priorities.

There are no robots in our B2B appointment setting process

While we all use automated tools to do our jobs, there are no robots involved in our B2B appointment setting process. I often find myself discussing weekend plans and having vacation discussions interspersed with client information. Think about it, from the rep’s perspective, would it not make you feel better if you had some sense of the person calling on your behalf? On the other hand I am close enough with some of my reps to the extent that I can text them instead of emailing which is a much quicker mode of communication. This really comes in handy if a prospect or the rep is having technical difficulties or running late. And while their calendars are made apparent to me regardless, understanding what they were doing over the weekend can help you decide whether a meeting at 9 am on a Monday morning would be a good idea or not. You can always leverage your connection to these reps as references to further your own career as well.

There are a lot of benefits to getting to know your reps and how they do their job; you might even find yourself in their position someday. How are you building symbiotic relationships with your reps?

If you want to learn more about our B2B appointment setting process and how we approach appointment setting sales calls, contact us today.

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