Forget Resolutions. Set Goals! Four Q1 Goals from the Vorsight Team

This year, we on the Vorsight Team challenged each other to set meaningful, ambitious and attainable goals for the first quarter of 2015, either personal or professional. Below are a few of our favorites. Note the winning formula: each goal is specific, meaningful, ambitious, and bound by both quantity and time.

  • Pratt, Business Development Associate-- "My measurable goal for Q1 is to be promoted to Senior BDA by the end of March by scheduling at least 20 meetings per month, and demonstrating leadership throughout day-to-day operations at Vorsight."

  • Eric, Manager of Sales Operations-- "I plan to research 10 real estate properties per week in the Arlington and Alexandria areas, and by the end of Q1, I will have at least 5 properties fully vetted, matching my needs, wants and investment criteria."

  • Jenn, Director of Client Success-- "In Q1 I will automate monthly billing, develop website content, establish new Statement of Work templates, and prepare more training opportunities for my team."

  • Taylor, Senior Business Development Associate-- "I will read two books in Q1 to learn more on asking the right questions and when in a conversation to go for buyer commitment."

Resolutions are a great starting point, but by setting specific and measurable goals, your chance actually to hit them increases exponentially. What is your goal for Q1? Whether it's breaking into the business world, getting a promotion, or improving a skill, we'd love to hear about it! Make sure it's ambitious but achievable, the task is clear, and measurable in a quantifiable way.

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