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Sales Call Coaching & Scoring


Our approach to sales coaching is different. Do you have a bunch of sales call recordings sitting around and no time to analyze them? Then we are your sales coaching solution. We review all your sales calls (inbound, outbound, scheduled, unscheduled) and score them based on parameters that define the perfect call for your business.


The custom scorecard we create is a collaboration with you, and clearly represents the qualities your organization prioritizes in its sales representatives. Our trained call scorers review and score all calls once they are recorded. As a part of our B2B sales training process, we provide you with all types of performance data on individual sales reps and their call statistics, all of which will help develop a plan around how to improve sales rep performance going forward. Each sales rep will get personal notifications regarding their performance during sales calls, allowing them to self-coach as well. 
























Our Agile Hunting Sales Coaching Academy


Vorsight’s Agile Hunting Academy (AHA!) is designed to help sales reps become exceptional

hunters who continually generate and build pipeline. Sessions alternate between classroom work, listening to and analyzing cold call recordings, making live calls on speaker phone in front of the class, and roleplaying with colleagues.


The Agile Hunting Sales Coaching Academy’s instructional content includes the following 6 modules:

Module 1: Prospecting, Direct Lines, & Pre-Call Research

  • Personalizing outreach using effective pre-call research focusing on individuals & organizations.

  • Mastering available sales intelligence tools (i.e. Sales Navigator, DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo)

  • Understanding your Ideal Customer Profile: who they are, where they fit into the organizational chart, and what functional areas fall under them

  • Identifying new executives using switchboards and executive administrators

  • Securing direct lines, emails, and cell phone numbers

  • Navigating reporting structure, business units, and functional areas


Module 2: Email, Voicemail, & LinkedIn Outreach

  • Challenging the purpose of emails & voicemails & knowing their limitations

  • Personalizing your emails & voicemails with pre-call research

  • Managing the flow of information to educate & build value with each interaction

  • Using creative subject lines

  • Developing a comprehensive & effective contact plan (aka sequence, cadence) for outreach

Module 3: Talking Points & Conversation Skills

  • Learning how to effectively open a cold call and earn the right to continue

  • Psychology of Decision Making and how it relates to outreach approaches

  • Leveraging pre-call research and common industry challenges

  • Developing talking points for multiple verticals

  • Asking more effective questions to uncover pain, process, and aspirations

  • Building value throughout the call

Module 4: Objection Handling

  • Understand the difference between objections to a meeting and objections to closing a deal

  • Learn the true meaning behind common objections and why

  • Deciphering the code of objections to interest vs objections to buying.

  • Overcoming objection handling in four steps

  • Mastering objection handling to show the value of the meeting in excess of time


Module 5: Effective Questions

  • Qualifying early in the process to lose fast

  • Earning the right to ask questions

  • Asking questions in a conversational way to unearth need & learn of the decision-making process

  • Conducting a discovery call to advance the sale

Module 6: Planning & Process

  • Organizing your time to get more meetings, faster.

  • Leveraging best times to call.

  • Scheduling meetings that stick (eliminating no-shows & fall off).

  • Organizing data in your system of record.

  • Creating simple metrics to track your effectiveness.


What Our Clients Have to Say About Our B2B Sales Sales Coaching Training

"Very helpful, the trainers were very interactive and the examples were very real so we could learn how to take inputs and apply in our future calls." - Anonymous

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Sales coaching is an important part of your appointment setting process and your sales cycle. It’s a science just like any other part of the sales process, so you should be getting sales coaching tips from the experts. If you’re ready to talk about a sales coaching system that works for your business, contact us today and we’ll help you put together a sales coaching plan specifically for your team!