Client Testimonials

We gave Vorsight very specific criteria on the target companies we wanted to speak with. They hit it out of the park on all fronts in terms of quality and quantity of appointments. We had a target number of appointments for them to hit and they consistently did so, but more importantly, were very flexible when necessary and have great collaboration methods. I highly recommend them as a partner for inside sales"

- John Glennon, VP Inside Sales and Connect 

Vibes Media 

Vorsight impresses me every day. Their ability to capture interest at large, complex organizations is staggering. It's not just that they have a complete grasp over our value prop. It's that they have a mastery of the cold call process. They're leading thinkers and doers in this space."

-Peter Mollins, VP of Marketing 



Vorsight has been a valuable asset to EquityMetrix. The meetings they scheduled for us have helped our company grow faster than we would have been able to on our own. They are a professional group that provides exceptional customer service"

-Ralph Trevino, VP Business Development 


Very good team. I much enjoyed their effectiveness, smarts, and entrepreneurial spirits. They provide good coaching, and are incredibly good at opening up doors. Vorsight gets the job done."

- Yann Risz, VP Business Development 


We hired Vorsight after doing extensive research into firms that could work with us collaboratively on messaging and also ramp up quickly. We didn’t realize it at the time, but another benefit of engaging Vorsight was the quality and depth of their talent; specifically, the front-line BDAs who would represent my company to our prospects.


We found Vorsight following a bad experience with another service provider who was very mechanical in their approach to scripted calls. Ironically, despite their approach they had very little insight or understanding of what would lead to a successful appointment. Even when we had an appointment (which was rare), it wasn’t a very solid lead.


Once we started working with Vorsight, we saw an immediate difference. Not only were the calls themselves setup quickly and efficiently, but the quality of the meetings and prospects were very strong. After the first week of appointments, we then saw Vorsight’s flexibility and adaptability come into play. We had immediate feedback about what was working best in our campaign, and together with our account manager we made tweaks that resulted in even better meetings with decision-makers who were already warmed up. Our first campaign with Vorsight has ended successfully, and we’re now taking the results and learnings from that to map out an even better strategy for 2015 and beyond."


-Raoul Encinas, Co-Founder

PL Coaches 



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