LeaseAccelerator is a SaaS application that helps Fortune 1000 companies manage their enterprise lease portfolio and comply with the new accounting standards.

In 2016, LeaseAccelerator was expecting a surge in demand for their enterprise lease accounting software amongst fortune 1000 companies. LeaseAccelerator wanted to proactively attack the market with an aggressive account-based marketing campaign. However, as a relatively small company, LeaseAccelerator was struggling with how to reach out to over 500 accounts in a relatively short timeframe using only its in-house marketing team.

"Our management team was skeptical about the ability of an outside firm to quickly learn our markets and value proposition, but Vorsight’s performance quickly mitigated those concerns..."

Steve Keifer

VP of Marketing

To solve the challenge, LeaseAccelerator explored partnerships with several outside appointment-setting firms to augment its demand generation capabilities. To mitigate risk, the company did a competitive comparison between two outside firms for 90 days. A success-based, pay-for-performance model was used to provide LeaseAccelerator with a comfort that fees would only be paid for actual appointments that were generated. During the comparison period Vorsight outperformed the other agency by a factor of 2:1 in terms of the number of qualified meetings scheduled with target accounts.
At the end of the trial, LeaseAccelerator shifted all of its outside demand generation to Vorsight and adopted a retainer model in which Vorsight staffed a dedicated team of resources for LeaseAccelerator that became intimately familiar with the company’s lead routing processes, target buyer personas and core value proposition. After 14 months, Vorsight has generated 200 Sales Qualified Leads for LeaseAccelerator with 190 target accounts.

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