David Stillman

-Co-founder and CEO, Vorsight and  Execvision 


-Leader of the SDR Managers and group coaching sessions


-Father of TWINS!


-Uncanny knowledge of sports facts, movie quotes, and 90’s hip hop lyrics


-#1 Protester of the Vorsight casual dress program



Steve Richard

-Co-founder, Vorsight and CRO, Execvision 

-Champion of best practices, live calling, and inspirational speeches

-Father of four children UNDER THE AGE OF 8

-Scuba diver, skier, runner and big football fan 

-Follow him on Twitter @srichardv (because he's too hard to follow around the office)


Kristen Bezier

-VP, Operations

-Vorsight boomerang (Aug. 2008 – Jul. 2014 & Nov. 2017 – Present)

-Resident data nerd

-Keeps the office on a constant sugar high with her endless supply of candy

-Miami University alum and varsity swimmer – Go RedHawks!

-Married to a former Vorsighter and mother of three

-Training for her 10th triathlon race


Jennifer Kelly

-VP of Client Success, Sales and Partnerships

-Holds title for 'most treacherous commute' of all Vorsighters

-Hockey, golf and lacrosse Mom (also gluten free)

-Got married in a castle and honeymooned in Australia with her hubby

(3 resorts, 5 cities and 14 flights in 21 days!) 

-Once traveled all the way to Las Vegas to see KISS in concert (pictures unavailable, but we're pretty sure she painted her face)



Snow Proudlove


-Director of Human Resources, Operations - since 2010

-Office Den-mother and the reason 50% of the staff have well kept-hair

-Most desk trinkets per capita

-Christmas party, Nats Game and Cancun trip planner extraordinaire

-Winner of the Vorsight Halloween Costume Contest, 2014 & 2015 



Alex Hawk

-Sr. Manager of Sales Development & Training

-Wakes up to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
-Most controversial holiday contest winner
-Self-proclaimed office dad (jokes & pranks included)
-Has a million-and-one stories about every topic under the sun
-Used methodology to cold call GCMs for his Masters of Medical Sciences


Shannon Merboth

-Client Success Manager

-Former D1 Rower for UPenn

-4 time national champion(in 3 countries)

-Drinks iced coffee regardless of the temperature outside

-Is fascinated by whales