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Why Vorsight?

Here at Vorsight we like a healthy mix

of competition and collaboration.

Here's what our past team members have to say.

Why Vorsight?

What drew you to Vorsight?

I think first and foremost, the culture drew me to Vorsight. After being able to shadow another BDA during the interview process, I knew right away that it was that perfect balance of a work-hard-play-hard type of environment. I could tell that the people I would be working with and for were smart, thoughtful and actually cared. Not only cared about the work they were doing, and the mission of the company, but cared about each other.  

Shay Smith

Senior Commercial Support Manager at Gartner

I loved that the company was young, that there was a game room, and that the benefits were really good. I also knew that I wanted to do something in sales or marketing and figured that Vorsight would be a great foray into the industry.

Amy Kline

Senior Revenue Accountant at Spanx

How has what you learned at Vorsight helped you in your current role?

You would be surprised at how many salespeople lack foundational sales skills. To this day, my approach to reaching out to prospective customers is based off of the training I received at Vorsight.  There’s no doubt that it’s given me a leg up on my peers and allowed me to close more business.

Tyler Blakely

Head of Sales at Blue Truck Studios

What I learned at Vorsight is vital to my current role. The ability to learn and become an expert in the first half of the sales cycle is worth its weight in gold. I can generate my own appointments while also understanding a company’s buying process and why they buy like it’s a reflex.

Daniel Reef

Account Executive at Intelligize

All the skills I learned were totally transferrable to my current full cycle sales job, but could also be put to use anywhere. I'm so lucky to have started my career in such an open, helpful, and supportive environment where I got the best hands-on training. I’m at the top in my newest start class and was able to walk through the doors on day 1 feeling totally prepared.

Lauren Kohn

Account Executive at Yelp


The sales training I received at Vorsight has paid enormous dividends. The things that became second nature at Vorsight - 3x3, objection handling, phone prospecting, etc. - have helped build a robust pipeline for my firm that has traditionally relied solely on referrals for lead generation.

Paul Hoffer

Associate at TD International, LLC

What is the most useful skill that you learned at Vorsight?

One thing that I apply every single day is the value of picking up the phone to get the job done. Because of the training/experience that I received at Vorsight, I'm now very comfortable on the phone and know how to create value when I'm not in-person. Business is becoming more and more virtual so now, more than ever, it takes extra effort to keep your audience interested and engaged. I would argue that this skill is incredibly important to any business role whether it is customer-facing (like mine) or not.

Matt Liguori

Director of Sales Development at BetterWorks

Vorsight allowed me to develop me a skill which although seems simple, can be incredibly nuanced: how to open doors. It’s essential for any professional to be able to effectively engage key executives, while being received as a peer. As I moved into roles that allowed me to become a  stategic advisor for clients at Vorsight and beyond, that skill carried over. But it all started on the phones...

Shomik Datta

Relationship Director at Hanover Research

During my time at Vorsight, I'd describe the culture to have been equal parts inquisitive and gritty. I always found that I was surrounded by people who were keenly interested in learning, enjoyed competition, and were driven to succeed.  

Dudley Arbaugh

Sales Manager at Thycotic

It’s a culture that is very hard to replicate and something you don’t see at other organizations. It’s both collaborative and competitive, and a fun environment where I made many great friends while learning so much from my peers. Really something special.

Drew Leach

Manager of Lead Generation at Granicus

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