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Why choose Vorsight?


We're located in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, overlooking Georgetown (DC) and the Potomac waterfront. We're one block from the Rosslyn metro and surrounded by great lunch spots!

Career Development 


We believe that growth should not be dictated by rigid timelines or promotion structures. Once you've mastered the SDR role, you can explore three different internal career paths. If the role you want doesn't exist, create it at Vorsight.  

Training and Coaching


At the core of our success is an emphasis on training and continuous coaching. All new hires graduate from our award-winning sales training program in their first month. Beyond that, we offer weekly coaching sessions to perfect your skills. 



Our culture is unmatched. Take it from alumni, our Glassdoor profile or come visit for yourself. We offer a fun, performance-driven culture and a team made up of some pretty impressive people!  

With great work comes great rewards 

Comprehensive Vorsight-subsidized health, dental and vision insurance plans 

15 days of paid time off and 10 paid holidays 


A generous employer matched 401K program to help plan for the future 

Weekly team lunches, two company-sponsored trips per year, monthly team birthday celebrations, team outings and happy hours! 

Don't just take our word for it.

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You are getting paid to learn, which I promise you, is not the same at most companies.


I’ve always said that working at Vorsight is like getting your MBA

in sales.


At Vorsight I learned the basics of prospecting, outreach and messaging. All the things Vorsight teaches you can be used in different avenues.


Vorsight allowed me to develop me a skill which although seems simple, can be incredibly nuanced: how to open doors.


The skills you learn at Vorsight are invaluable and will serve you well no matter where your career takes you. 



In my 4 years at Vorsight I learned a TON about sales, customer success and the power of goal-setting.

I'm so lucky to have started my career in such an open, helpful, and supportive environment.


I learned to speak to every prospect like they are a peer, even if they are many years my senior.


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