B2B Sales Prospecting Training

What is B2B Sales Prospecting?


B2B sales prospecting is the pre-sales process of lead qualification. Our sales development representatives (SDRs) create new business opportunities by researching and cold-calling potential customers to gauge the fit and interest level of these prospects. After the initial discovery conversation, the SDR follows-up through continued prospecting and lead nurturing with the ultimate goal of scheduling a face-to-face meeting between the prospect and a sales closer.
























Why Choose Vorsight For Sales Prospecting Training?

1. Live Calling Sales Prospecting Training


The art of live calling is the foundation of our sales prospecting training program. While many companies prioritize automation within their training, we believe real human conversations still drive our business and we have the data to prove it. Automation has its place, but sales prospecting is still most effective when you can talk to a person 1-on-1 and gauge their interest level as well as their qualifications. Most importantly, sales prospecting over the phone allows you to not only evaluate the quality of a prospect more effectively, but also establish a real relationship with them, which helps you schedule more meetings.  


We use a hands-on approach to sales prospecting training by showing SDRs how to apply conversation skills to real calls. Our training experts make prospecting calls and cold calls into your accounts to demonstrate the skills that are being taught. Lead evaluation is a 2-part process that involves qualifying a prospect while nurturing a relationship with them. We teach SDRs the proper sales prospecting techniques to master both parts of the sales prospecting process, specifically for over-the-phone interactions. 

2. Our Lead Prospecting Methodology is Proven and Backed By Data


The sales prospecting techniques we teach SDRs are always relevant because we’re constantly testing and adjusting our process as needed. We have 20-30 SDRs who are outsourcing prospecting and cold-calling for our appointment-setting clients, so we’re able to test and evaluate what sales prospecting methods work, which influences the material for our training. Our entire lead prospecting methodology revolves around letting data determine what sales prospecting techniques are best, while staying ahead of the industry’s trends.

Our Sales Prospecting Training Strategy

At Vorsight we use the term process metrics to refer to the leading indicators of success for prospecting and qualification. These process metrics help us build a path to success for each sales prospecting client. The 3-4 most important process metrics are different for every organization but can include any of the following: 


  • Dials 

  • Emails sent

  • Voicemails left

  • Newly created contacts 

  • Newly created leads

  • % of direct lines on the contact list

  • Unscheduled cold or warm conversations 

  • Scheduled qualification or discovery calls

  • MQLs, SALs, SQLs, SQOs, etc. 


These metrics all lead toward the desired outcome for sales prospecting and qualification: more opportunities in the funnel and more revenue.


The process metrics are aggregated centrally on a spreadsheet and because the metrics are public, everyone has visibility into the activities of everyone else. If one of the reps sees that their peer is getting a bunch of meetings on the week they can investigate the exact process that they followed to get the desired outcome. Our outsourced appointment setting team tracks dials, newly created contacts, conversations, and meetings. This helps newer or less experienced reps learn how to prospect for leads from others who are already successful at prospecting. Our system of process metrics puts the power in the hands of the rep to learn the sales prospecting techniques that lead to success. 








Sales Prospecting’s Impact on Your Bottom Line


1. Increased opportunities into the top of the funnel


The toughest part of the sales prospecting process is getting people to engage with you past the first interaction. You have to get their attention and keep it, all while figuring out whether they make sense for your business too. Sales prospecting optimizes your top-of-funnel sales process in 2 key ways by helping you:

  • Figure out the best way to engage with prospects during the cold conversation and keep their attention

  • Develop a better understanding of the types of prospects you should be targeting

We always hear that “getting people in the door is the hardest part” and that starts at your top-of-funnel interactions with prospects. An effective B2B sales prospecting strategy will help you engage with your prospects and establish real connections with them. You’ll attract more prospects too as you’ll have a better understanding of who you want to target and how to find them.

2. Increased quality of leads passed to the sales team/top of the funnel opportunities

Prospecting helps you target better quality leads. An effective prospecting strategy defines what a qualified prospect is in your organization’s eyes and then helps you ask the right questions and target the right people. Time is money, and sales prospecting is meant to help you save both by getting you qualified prospects that are worth your time. Your sales team will appreciate this too as you’ll be setting appointments for them to sell to better leads. All of this will lead to better close rates and synergy between your SDRs and sales team.

3. Both of these things lead to increased revenue downstream


The ultimate impact that an effective sales prospecting strategy has is more revenue. That's what we’re here for, right? You’ll have a better definition of who your ideal prospects are and you’ll have an improved understanding of how to target them, which means you’re sending the sales team better-qualified prospects. All of this leads to more closed deals and thus, more revenue! This is the ultimate motivator. We will show you how to set up a prospecting strategy that works specifically for your organization and sales team, helping you close deals efficiently

What Our Clients Have to Say About Our B2B Sales Prospecting Training


“Vorsight provided a two-day training for our Inside Sales Reps that was incredibly beneficial. The training that we received wasn't just informational and immediately useful to our team, but was also enjoyable. Everyone knows that work-related trainings can lack enjoyment which makes most of them dreadful and disappointing. Vorsight put on a professional, concise and knowledgeable training while also managing to keep it enjoyable with the creativeness and interactive style.”


- Greg Kealy, Marketing and Inside Sales Representative at Ultimate Software

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Sales prospecting is an important part of your appointment setting process and your sales cycle. It’s a science just like any other part of the sales process and thus, it’s better to learn sales prospecting techniques from the experts. If you’re ready to talk about a B2B sales prospecting training plan that works for your business, contact us today and we’ll show you how to prospect for leads effectively!