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Set More Meetings With Our Appointment Setting Process 

Are you looking to outsource appointment setting services? Vorsight’s appointment setting process has a proven track record for helping businesses develop their sales pipeline, turn leads into clients and maximize ROI.
























What is B2B Appointment Setting?


B2B appointment setting is the business development process of the sales cycle, in which trained sales development representatives (SDRs) prospect, call, and nurture leads, with the ultimate goal of scheduling an in-person meeting. From there, another sales representative provides a more in-depth sales presentation with the hope of closing a purchase. 


B2B appointment setting is an integral part of the sales development process as it ensures your lead generation efforts mature into tangible sales. When executed correctly, B2B appointment setting services as a natural progression for a lead to go from a cold call to the final sales conversation.

Why Choose Vorsight For Appointment Setting?

Our Appointment Setting Experience

We have lived & breathed B2B appointment setting since our founding in 2005. Our appointment setting services have helped us schedule over 35,000 meetings, which has produced over $80 million in revenue for our clients. Our B2B appointment setting services have been proven to work for both B2B and B2G clients. 

What makes Vorsight different from others in the appointment setting industry? 

It’s how we have developed our B2B appointment setting methodology. We started out by using applied science from fields like cognitive psychology, social psychology & more as our base to drive the conversation.


We’ve developed our B2B appointment setting methodology by analyzing the sales processes and tens of thousands of prospecting calls and emails. Using the following methodology, we execute on our sales appointment strategy:

1. Primary Research - your dedicated team of SDRs will call into organizations, confirm information with switchboards, and identify the right person with executive assistants.

2. Secondary Research - our industry experience enables our team to access 15 years of data through technology generated sources like SFDC, LinkedIn, and DiscoverOrg.

3. Meeting Scheduling - crafting tailored messaging, our team will reach out to these contacts to gauge interest, gather insights, create value and schedule discovery calls.

Relationships Guide Our Appointment Setting Process

With Vorsight, you’re not just getting an email strategy. We value and cultivate personal relationships with our clients and leads. Our appointment setting strategy prioritizes phone calls as the primary way to communicate with leads. Automation has its place, but our success can be attributed to the real relationships we develop with our leads. We are cold calling experts, and we use our conversational intelligence on the phone to turn leads into sales.

Our Appointment Setting Resources

Vorsight draws on intellectual property developed from the analysis of 10,000+ prospecting calls, emails and social media messages to key buyers. This allows for custom appointment setting approaches that enable our associates to differentiate themselves on every call, generate interest with executives, schedule first appointments and drive qualified opportunities to the top of your pipeline.


We take pride in being appointment setting thought leaders and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge on how appointment setting can positively impact your lead generation efforts. Visit our blog to learn more about our appointment setting process and how we apply our methodology to everyday business challenges.

Our Appointment Setting Technology

We are on the cutting edge of technology with our B2B appointment setting services. Our SDRs have access to numerous sales intelligence tools as well as 1,000,000+ data points including but not limited to company information, contact information, ideal call windows, persona conversion metrics, and much more. 


By leveraging the call recording technology from our sister company, ExecVision in our appointment setting services, our SDRs can listen and review previous calls, develop more effective messaging, and pass along best practices. Dedicated coaches, managers and Client Success liaisons also work closely with them to identify coachable moments in said calls that result in higher conversion rates and more meetings.


Our sales intelligence tools provide us data that helps guide our B2B appointment setting services and process. We supplement our sales appointment setting engagements with top tier technology resources. SDRs have unlimited access to DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn SalesNavigator to name a few.


Our system clearly defines controllable metrics that contribute to the overall success of your appointment setting strategy. Using our metrics standards and appointment setting process, we find that our clients average the following numbers over the course of a year:​

  • 21.4 Conversations per Week with Director, VP, and C-level executives / 4.3 Conversations per Day

  • 6.7 Completed Meetings per Week / 1.3 Meetings per Day







Our B2B Appointment Setting Strategy


Through prospecting efforts and conversations with target accounts/buyers Vorsight will uncover how your value proposition resonates with your buyer persona(s) and will share this information in weekly conversation reports. We will also share key process metrics and, at the end of the campaign, a list of all contacts we’ve identified including phone/email data. 

Our tested and proven appointment setting strategy consists of:


  1. Finding the right people at the right accounts

  2. Piquing interest through emails and calls

  3. Overcoming objections along the way

  4. Sharing knowledge of industry and challenges

  5. Scheduling meeting to discuss challenges

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