LinkedIn Sales Training

LinkedIn Sales Training for Inside Sales Teams

Companies leave millions of dollars on the table by neglecting to train their sales reps on LinkedIn best practices. B2B decision makers look for service providers on LinkedIn and build out their online resumes giving sales teams invaluable free sales intelligence if you know how to find it and use it. As a sales leader ask yourself: is my inside sales team getting the most out of LinkedIn?

In response Vorsight offers an award winning LinkedIn training workshop that quickly and easily brings your sales team to a high level of competence and daily use of LinkedIn best practices. Rather than a boring PowerPoint presentation, these interactive workshops are interactive and hands on. These workshops are also available as part of an overall sales prospecting training. Your reps will learn the secrets of top sales teams and implement LinkedIn best practices in real time.

  1. Using LinkedIn as an effective sales prospecting tool to proactively identify B2B decision makers and engage them with customized outreach.

  2. Leveraging your network for easy to identify, immediate opportunities.

  3. Live calling on speakerphone into these identified contacts to generate qualified opportunities.

  4. Reviewing and modifying existing LinkedIn profiles in real time to dramatically improve the visibility of the reps and company on LinkedIn.

  5. Creating a LinkedIn presence that passively sells to your prospects and nurtures longer term opportunities.

  6. Utilizing recommendations to let your customers sell for you.

  7. Connecting LinkedIn with other social media tools like Twitter and incorporating video.

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