Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Reinforce Tools, Tips, Tactics, Templates, and Techniques Learned in Sales Prospecting Training

Following Vorsight's Sales Prospecting Training, many clients request ongoing one-on-one support for members of their team. In response, we offer hands-on Sales Coaching sessions delivered via phone, teleconference, or in person. Vorsight trainers reinforce concepts learned and cement the tactical skills practiced in the Vorsight Sales Prospecting Training.

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Our coaches work with your sales staff, personally review their skills, process, and organization, and then make live calls together. There is no substitute for working side-by-side with a member of your team making calls; our coaches put themselves in the shoes of your people to diagnose issues and plan for specific improvement. Clients tell us that our Sales Coaching sessions are the ultimate assurance that their organization realizes a continuous return on investment from tactical training.

Vorsight coaches work with your team to help them:


  • Treasure hunt for buyers (reporting structure, direct dial, utilizing all resources effectively)

  • Get a fresh perspective on talking points and the beginning ‘awkward part’ of a call

  • Pace calls to lead prospects in a certain direction

  • Understand business and what executives look for in the value of a meeting (put yourself in their shoes)

  • Feel poised and comfortable in handling objections

  • Craft unique emails and voicemails and integrate them into the process


  • Manage call lists

  • Organize computer desktops and applications

  • Prioritize time and workflow

  • Develop a personalized pitching/prospecting schedule


  • Think and talk on their feet

  • Create new and innovative ways to get in the door

  • Create a list of tangible and measurable areas for improvement as well as developing a roadmap to get there

  • Motivate by setting and achieving interim process goals (little victories)

  • Get fired up and excited about winning

  • Find a ‘sales voice’ to meet full potential

We work with your Managers to help them:

  • Prioritize territory & leads

  • Optimize the CRM system

  • Track leading and lagging key performance indicators

  • Foster a culture of teamwork

  • Retain key members of the team

  • Compensate reps using financial & non-financial incentives

  • Work hands-on with the team to develop them professionally

  • Assemble a coaching program to enhance the managerial role

  • Train additional coaches

  • Create stronger bonds between inside and outside sales

  • Build a checklist to ensure that you get the most out of your sales associates