Customized e-Mastery Solution

e-Mastery = Intelligent Learning Technology + Custom Content

Combining a revolutionary online learning system and custom product content, the e-Mastery solution gives your team the ability to master new skills.

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Reasons this is the Best Sales Training e-Mastery Program

  • It increases learning effectiveness by 300% by adapting to the unique learning style and speed of the user to increase retention in less time than traditional online learning
  • It’s the first to combine Web 3.0 agent technology with patented accelerated learning technology
  • Mastery is achieved in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort
  • Content is customized to the client company’s challenges, market, and products

Why e-Mastery Works

If we were to teach you a skill and test you on that skill, that first day you’d remember 80% of the content, but by 2 weeks, you’d only remember 28%. This is because of the Forgetting Curve. e-Mastery corrects this curve by intelligent learning resulting in 95% retention after training.

This e-Mastery service utilizes Vorsight's award-winning Sales Prospecting Training. This tactical sales training focuses on the tools, tips, tactics, techniques, templates, and talent needed to get in the door with senior executive at your target accounts.

Using concepts developed daily by our in-house team of meeting schedulers and best practices collected from hundreds of organizations worldwide, this content is constantly improving to show what works today.

Knowledge After Two Weeks

sales training e-Mastery

How e-Mastery Works

The e-Mastery system has an intelligent learning portal with a Digital Tutor that customizes each learner’s ideal learning pattern including a unique day-skip pattern. This day-skip is the time the learner needs to grow neural connections. The course is a combination of learning, days off, and reactivation. This combination corrects the Forgetting Curve and leads to mastery of concepts.

Instead of superficial learning, which is quickly forgotten, e-Mastery is research proven to teach content to the point of mastery. Mastery ensures that material won't be forgotten and produces the long-term adaptive reasoning skills required to dramatically improve performance.