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Outsourced Appointment Scheduling

award-winning appointment setting

We get you in the door with decision makers.

B2B salespeople are most effective in front of their prospects and closing deals; not spinning their wheels searching for new business opportunities.

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Let our centrally located team of business development professionals take the burden of getting in the door off your plate.

How we can help:
  • Find Buyers: We identify the executives most interested in your value proposition

  • Messaging: We streamline your marketing message into captivating talking points that cut through vendor static to create top of mind demand

  • Delivery: We deliver your message in the most compelling way possible to maximize your sales team's qualified meeting volume

  • Objection Handling: We understand that there is a right and a wrong way to handle a prospect’s objection; we overcome these objections to secure meetings

  • Professional Persistence: We leverage persistence as a positive driver for building business relationships

  • Data Management: We organize data to derive the maximum benefit from calling time and measure metrics to track effectiveness

We operate under the name of our client and create a seamless transition between the client's sales team and our business development professionals. By qualifying each prospect before scheduling a meeting, Vorsight shortens the client's sales cycle, ensures quality interactions, and most importantly increases the sales conversion rate for our clients.

In fact, 76% of meetings arranged on behalf of clients come as the result of live conversations with the executive. What this means for you: meetings that are more teed up with better notes on the prospect’s current situation and potential needs.

By outsourcing the first part of the sales cycle, client sales teams are able to maximize the value of their time in front of prospects and closing deals.
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Everyone benefits from a conversation

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