Inside Sales Consulting

Inside Sales Consulting

Inside Sales Team Creation and Development

Vorsight helps increase ROI

Vorsight helps clients increase sales ROI by providing an objective point of view and expertise to navigate challenges clients may be facing.

inside sales consulting

inside sales consulting

We specialize in several areas:

  • Assessments

    Vorsight will assist your inside sales team in creating and developing a plan to increase your ROI and give you the expertise to navigate any sales challenges you encounter.

  • Framework & Setup

    We’ll help you create job descriptions, formulate compensation plans, research appropriate CRM and research tools, establish account territories, and create a performance management plan.

  • Hiring

    Vorsight can help you find and evaluate potential candidates through proper job postings, phone screens, writing samples, in-person interviews, and personality assessments. We’ll offer input as to final recommendations, and help you formulate an offer letter template.

  • Training

    We offer in-depth training for Business Development Associates during our on-site Sales Prospecting Training. This award-winning training is a combination of classroom work, role-playing, and live calls on speakerphone in front of the class.

  • Management Training

    This customized consulting focuses on challenges faced by managers to increase sales team success. Managers can participate in our Two-Day Coaching Bootcamp and/or our On-Going Management Advisory Program.

  • Coaching & Development

    Vorsight provides several different types of development, management coaching, one-to-one sales rep coaching, best practice sessions, and sessions on better understanding and utilizing process metrics.

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