CISP® - Certified Inside Sales Professional


Certified Inside Sales Professional Accreditation Program (CISP®)

The Certified Inside Sales Professional Accreditation Program (CISP®) is our profession's only designation which confirms the holder's mastery of skills and competency required in today's virtual selling world. CISP® certification recognizes an individual's and organization's professional achievement and competence, provides identification with other professionals in the field, and stimulates career advancement. The CISP® designation may be prominently displayed on business cards, e-signatures and other related communications.

The CISP® Program - Built on Excellence!

Vorsight partnered with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals to develop this accreditation program that focuses on the skills and competency critical for today's demanding virtual selling environment. From the caliber of the preparatory course work, to the required mastery of content, to the thoroughness of the "live" sales call final examination, no other association has attempted to achieve such a high standard of overall excellence for its members. Successful completion of the CISP® program indicates that an individual has met or exceeded the requirements and competencies of today's high-performing inside sales professionals.

7 Reasons to be Certified

  1. Personal Commitment:

    Obtaining your CISP® shows dedication and commitment to your profession and career as an inside sales representative. It demonstrates that you are serious about continual learning while maintaining a high standard of excellence as an individual sales professional.
  2. Status:

    For those who are admitted to the CISP® program and successfully complete the course work and final examination, your accreditation sets you apart as a professional among professionals. You can take pride in your accomplishment.
  3. Career Advancement:

    Your CISP® designation will set you apart from others. It tells your current employer that you are committed to your profession and are serious about career advancement. It tells future employers the same message.
  4. Executive & Corporate Commitment:

    Supporting CISP® inside sales accreditation makes the statement that a company is serious about investing in their people. It takes a company's goals around investment in people and puts it into action.
  5. Raising the Bar:

    Administering the CISP® Program across an inside sales organization helps to establish a bar which all representatives need to meet and maintain. Certified Inside Sales Professionals will help set the standard for excellence, thereby raising a team's expectations for success.
  6. On-going Learning:

    Preparing for a successful exam outcome requires study and practice of the latest methods and sales skills found in today's top inside sales professionals. On-going CSE (Continuing Sales Education) credits will insure a CISP® will keep their sales skills sharp and up to date with new developments and techniques.
  7. Morale & Motivation:

    CISP® accreditation will challenge and motivate individuals to achieve excellence. The pride and sense of accomplishment that comes along with the CISP® designation and AA-ISP membership will help establish and maintain a positive and motivating sales culture.

* Vorsight is an approved training provider of the AA-ISP CISP® program.