Who We Serve

B2B Sales & Marketing Clients

Vorsight proudly serves B2B organizations from industries including: Business/Advisory Services, Consulting, IT Services, Software, Professional Services, Market Research, Legal, Biotech, and Telecom amongst others. Our services are highly applicable to any B2B company with an outbound telesales initiative—whether your team has been looking to begin an outbound program or fine tuning its skills, Vorsight’s programs energize your sales team and get you to the decision maker in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

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Meeting Scheduling Clients

Vorsight seeks long-term strategic partnerships with companies boasting an exciting value proposition to introduce to their prospects. There is no more satisfying feeling than meeting the needs of a prospect with services in which they see value.

Our Meeting Scheduling clients fall into three categories: 1) funded startup 2) well established midsized company 3) specialized business unit of large corporation who sells services directly to senior executives. In addition, our clients predominantly have the following objectives and attributes:

• They have a well defined list of target accounts

• Their prospect is typically a Director, Vice President, or C-level executive

• They are committed to achieving dramatic revenue growth with an aggressive sales strategy that requires the ability to rapidly get in the door

• They have a full time team of at least two salespeople

Sales Prospecting Training Clients

Our Sales Prospecting Training serve clients in every B2B industry. These companies offer commodities as well as services. Whatever it is you are selling, we will teach you exactly how to break down executives’ doors to create top of mind demand for your offerings. We understand how daunting the task of selling to high level executives can be without the proper tools.

Our clients predominantly have the following attributes:

• They allocate a portion of their sales function to hunting for new business and/or farming existing accounts

• They sell into the B2B space

• They have a telesales team of at least 1 person

Our clients utilize us for all types of sales teams.

Within the Fortune 500:

• SMB telesales teams

• Enterprise telesales teams

• Account Managers

• Teleprospecting teams

• Field reps

• Lead Qualification

• Sales Development

Within Small to Midsize Businesses:

• Inside Sales teams

• New Business Development teams

• Account Managers

• Teleprospecting teams

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