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Vorsight is constantly seeking talented and motivated professionals who desire a unique entrepreneurial opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of our company as well as our diverse clients.

Current Opportunities

>> Business Development Associate

Vorsight's Business Development Associates (BDAs) partner with client salespeople to schedule high-quality meetings for the client. This entails Associates doing all the critical steps at the beginning of a business sales cycle and then transitioning the sales opportunity to the client.

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>> Client Development Associate

Vorsight’s Client Development Associates (CDAs) lead the meeting scheduling team, on-boarding and developing an outbound lead generation strategy for our new clients. They are tasked with learning the clients’ industry and understanding the competitive landscape so that they can create a successful outbound lead generation program that will be transitioned to one of our account managers or business development associates. CDAs are responsible for taking an active part in our ongoing professional development and coaching program as they prepare to join the sales and consulting team.

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>> Client Success Associate

Vorsight’s Associates of Client Success manage accounts and the onboading process of new clients. They work closely with BDAs, CDAs, our Direct of Lead Generation sales and our client companies. They are responsible for ensuring meeting scheduling client success.

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>> Director, Client Success

The Director of Client Success is the single point of contact for all clients and foster client success. This role acts as the liaison between callers and clients, facilitating interactions and overseeing quality service delivery. In addition, the Director of Client Success is responsible for ensuring a positive customer experience by anticipating problems and resolving any issues in a calm, professional manner.

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>> Sales Consultant

Vorsight’s Sales Consultants stretch their skills and experience in prospecting, account management and lead generation to cultivate, build and strengthen relationships with clients while acting as an extension of the clients’ team to advise and make suggestions to drive positive impacts.

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Vorsight's Career Path

Business Development Associate Client Development Associate Client Success Sales Consultant

Professional Development

Vorsight takes professional development seriously. We offer every employee our award-winning sales training their first week, but training doesn't end there; we also have an internal coach who helps employees career path, teaches best practice sessions, and is a sales guide. Wherever you want your career to go, Vorsight can take you there.

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